Todd Motto

Founder, Ultimate Courses. Motorsport enthusiast and wannabe race driver.

First visit to Brands Hatch GP

18 April 2019

Time to learn a new circuit, Brands Hatch GP. I set off the night before with my performance driving coach, Gary Marsh, and after a grizzly few hours on the M25 - we made it to the hotel. For long distance trackdays, it’s well worth going up the night before.

After some good old Fish ‘n Chips and a few beers it was time to head to bed with an early start.

Here are some highlight photos from the day.

Brands has both an Indy Circuit and GP Circuit. The Indy circuit is pretty small and would quickly get tedious - I’d strongly recommend the full GP circuit.

Brands GP is full of steep elevation changes, g-force corners, head-height bridges that you instinctively duck under whilst passing under them at 125mph (200kmh).

After setting some initial morning lap times of ~1:52s, I set out to get below 1:50s before the end of the day. After a 1:50.59s I knew it was achievable and focused on some extra pace.

After an outlap, I hit a 1:48.63s followed by a 1:48.17s. Below is a recording from Gary’s RaceLogic which - unknown to me ;) - was recording my lap times.

With an ambient temperature of around 24°C (75°F), there was room to lean on the car and load it up through the corners - some great results!

Highlights from the trip were keeping up with a GT3 Cup Car (500kg lighter) for the majority of a lap, and chasing/overtaking a Ginetta race car.

Oh, and be cautious of the noise limits at Brands Hatch, you might find yourselves also getting black flagged! Short-shifting it is.